The Future of Work

11:00 AM ET
December 03

Today’s workplace continues to experience significant disruption fueled by the coronavirus pandemic, technological innovation, changing workforce models and shifting demographics. The rise of remote work and the gig economy is transforming work and family dynamics. Communities without affordable access to broadband internet are being left behind. What new skills, benefits and tools will be needed for this evolving new workforce and how we are educating the workers of tomorrow?

Join Washington Post Live featuring Shamina Singh on Thursday, December 3rd at 11:00am ET, as Washington Post economics correspondent Heather Long hosts discussions with top lawmakers and CEOs to assess the fiscal impact of mobile-first technology, big data analytics, gig work, and new workforce paradigms.

We’ll also examine social safety nets and private partnerships that can support the shifts in the country’s rapidly evolving workforce, as well as emerging legislation on Capitol Hill that will be addressing all of these concerns.

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