Our Mission

The Center for Inclusive Growth advances equitable and sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion around the world. The Center leverages the company’s core assets and competencies, including data insights, expertise and technology, while administering the philanthropic Mastercard Impact Fund, to produce independent research, scale global programs and empower a community of thinkers, leaders and doers on the front lines of inclusive growth.

Doing well by doing good

From the founding of the Mastercard Foundation in 2006 through a gift of stock at the time of the company’s initial public offering to a business strategy for advancing financial inclusion, Mastercard has demonstrated a commitment to doing well by doing good.

In 2018, Mastercard committed 20 percent of its savings from U.S. and European tax reform to establish the Mastercard Impact Fund, a non-profit organization that will make up to $500 million in charitable grants. 

As the philanthropic hub of Mastercard, the Center leverages the company’s expertise, data analytics, technology and partnerships – and separately administers the Impact Fund – to advance actionable insights, global programs and thought leadership to achieve inclusive growth.

What We Do

The Center for Inclusive Growth leverages core Mastercard assets to create new models of cross-sector collaboration through:


Partnering with leading economists and scholars to create actionable insights out of complex theories


Enabling entrepreneurs and workers to grow, thrive and succeed in the new economy

Data Philanthropy

Unlocking the power of data to reduce information inequality and advance social good


Organizing a community of leaders to promote and adopt evidence-based solutions

Areas of Focus

Barriers to achieving inclusive growth are present in developed and developing markets. They are relevant to individuals and the communities in which they live. And they impact not only those in poverty, but also those who form part of the burgeoning middle class. The Center’s approach to inclusive growth is to make the digital economy work for everyone with a focus in four areas:

Promoting financial security to ensure all people have access to the tools they need to be productive and resilient in the digital economy.

Improving quality of life for all peopleeverywhere by leveraging technology and policies that will make urbanization more inclusive.

Supporting the economic mobility of workers so they can navigate the digital economy without being tethered to a particular place or job.

Leveraging the power of data for good by increasing the capacity to solve systemic problems using real evidence.

About Inclusive Growth

Inclusive growth ensures the benefits of a growing economy extend to all segments of society. Unleashing people’s economic potential starts with connecting them to the vital networks that power the modern economy.

Access to and integration into these networks increase their productivity, which can set in motion a virtuous cycle of sustained poverty reduction and inclusive growth—we call this democratizing productivity.

A key component of inclusive growth is financial inclusion, which connects people to secure ways for receiving, storing and managing money. While financial inclusion is a point of entry to lift people and markets out of poverty, inclusive growth is the key to move them towards shared prosperity.