Our Mission

The Center for Inclusive Growth advances sustainable and equitable economic growth and financial inclusion around the world. Established as an independent subsidiary of Mastercard, we activate the company’s core assets to catalyze action on inclusive growth through: research, data philanthropy, programs and engagement.

A new approach to philanthropy

The Center represents a new approach to philanthropy. Situated between Mastercard and the Mastercard Foundation, we take lessons from both to develop an inclusive growth agenda that will move people from poverty to prosperity.

What We Do

The Center for Inclusive Growth leverages core Mastercard assets to create new models of cross-sector collaboration through:


Partnering with leading economists and scholars to create actionable insights out of complex theories



Enabling entrepreneurs and workers to grow, thrive and succeed in the new economy


Data Philanthropy

Unlocking the power of data to reduce information inequality and advance social good



Organizing a community of leaders to promote and adopt evidence-based solutions

About Inclusive Growth

Inclusive growth ensures the benefits of a growing economy extend to all segments of society. Unleashing people’s economic potential starts with connecting them to the vital networks that power the modern economy.

Access to and integration into these networks increase their productivity, which can set in motion a virtuous cycle of sustained poverty reduction and inclusive growth—we call this democratizing productivity.

A key component of inclusive growth is financial inclusion, which connects people to secure ways for receiving, storing and managing money. While financial inclusion is a point of entry to lift people and markets out of poverty, inclusive growth is the key to move them towards shared prosperity.

The Poverty of Access